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Strawbaerry   created a new thread Long time no see! in the General Discussion forum
Pokemon0869Oh my.. It's been so long since ive last been on here man i still remember encouraging(Pretty much begging) DG and Bryce to make a Dark gym and then after they did i instantly applied and became the server first Dark Gym Leader with a Zorua on my squad that was surprisingly strong but in the end i lost to Bmo? i think or i lost to someone who instantly destroy my team bout it LOL except one my weasle was stronk though i was only gym leader for like 2 weeks and then i had to stop playing cause of some stuff in life and we decided to move closer to my job haha i never did get to finish my home in the sky that alot of yall said was awesome! but i thought it was kinda creepy considering it was a house in the sky kinda castle theme with surrounding trees with spiderwebs on them and a broken up path haha i never did get to finish that man i remember so many great times on here its sad to see it all gone well if any of you ever want to contact me my Discord is umbreonlegend#3296 and my Snapchat is cosborne1997 well this is farewell until next time from your first dark gym leader and always a friend(kinda like batman?) and your Ex Builder and Ex Helper who went threw 2 server! like a boss So always remember these words ! =There is always a little sparkle in the mist of darkness but there is also a little speckle of darkness within the eyes of a Zorua- So dont get to lost in it!-Zorua
DracoDahDragon   registered to Envy Block
DracoDahDragonMan, I still miss this server, oh how long it’s been yet I still can remember exactly how spawn looked, and I remember the Moltres I got off of Wondertrade, the jungle I lived in, shiny Magikarl found in Mesa, un used cloning machine, Diamond and gold blocks used to claim land... so many memories of this great server...
RIPSenpai   registered to Envy Block
RIPSenpaiWhat's going on guys? Back then I used to go by NikeKiiDD but I changed my name, just wanted to say I miss you guys and this server D:
DG7FenderStill think about you folks all the time :)
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Strawbaerry   thank you for making such an amazing pixelmon server bro, i’ll never forget all of the memories i made with my friends on there.
amielhbHey guys, I miss you all! Me and Peydunn are working on something of our own, but i miss all of you! If you guys want to keep in touch, my discord is Parlimax#8536 and my steam name is Parlimax as well! Hope to hear from you guys!
scouteelapiswhere have i been ;-;
Strawbaerryhello friends, it’s been far too long since i came for a visit, and it’s a shame to see that the server has come to an end. I was just a kid when i first joined the server and so much has changed since. I love and miss you all and hope someone will recognize me and get in touch!
stay classy-
Ronan Gamero Admin  Baeerry come play with us![link], ender, bmo, tweety are there too
Ronan Gamero AdminSo, if anyone still plays, I'm playing Pixelmon Generations on this server: [link], they're a new server, with a few months old. Come check us out.
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scouteelapis   It works but i keep crashing but it works :d
meesio3 H  Im also playing at this server atm!
meesio3 H  If someone is still deciding to join ^^
XxGIORGIOxXi have a new server for all of u lotr fans and its based upon lore so kits roles builds just msg me here if u want to find out about the server

Have a nice day yall
XxGIORGIOxX   [link]

join us now if u guys are intrested
xBreezdamn bruh rip this
PokeDo any yall still play MC?
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Ronan Gamero Admin  [link] Good pixelmon generations server, I'm helper there, come check us out
FroStPandaV2Oh hey the website is still up
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